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Dale Spangler

Dale Spangler

I grew up in northeast Ohio and have been on two wheels since I was eight years old. After a mediocre and unmemorable pro motocross career, I decided to change gears and enter the motorcycle industry cubicle life where I’ve spent the last 25 years in the marketing mouse wheel as one of the guys behind the guy—behind the other guy. Known for painfully telling the truth (often to those who don’t want to hear it) I decided one day it was time to give the motorcycle industry news media a shot in the arm—whether it wanted it or not—and Dirt Buzz was born. Now living in the high desert of southern Idaho, in my free time I spend countless hours watching dirt bikes races, reading as many books as possible, and quaffing obscure craft beers while hanging out with my wife, two Boston Terriers Oliver and Ruby, and Chihuahua Leni.

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