Bike Build: One of a Kind YZF290 Supermoto

April 8, 2022 / by Kevin Bailey

We found a fellow racer on Facebook who had built a very impressive bike, and we had to know more about it. He was nice enough to set aside some time and give us information on his racing background and his one-of-a-kind machine.

In addition to racing and building his bikes, McQueen gives back to his local circuits with flag man work, rain or shine.

Steven McQueen (yes, awesome name, but no affiliation) was born and raised in Western Australia by a family of racing enthusiasts. His grandfather raced TQs (more commonly known now as Formula 500 Sprintcar), and his dad and uncle raced sidecars in speedway for many years. McQueen comments “I spent a lot of my childhood traveling around Western Australia watching them race. They may not have been the fastest, but they always put on a show and had big parties (short clean version), so I guess I had no choice in being a bike and car nut.”

Currently, McQueen swings on a speedway sidecar for his good friend Ricky Wright, as well as swinging on an F2 road racing sidecar with Simon Davies that’s currently set up for the Isle of Mann (could you imagine manning a sidecar in the Isle of Mann??).

The race bike Steven built for himself is raced in the Supermoto club of Western Australia. He races in Open, Mini Motards, and Postie (stock engine) classes.

McQueen's 2008 YZF250, before (left) and after (right). Check out his full list of mods below.

The machine he races the open class with started life as a 2008 YZF250. It now sits as a YZF290, with an impressive list of mods:

  • 290cc Athena big bore kit
  • ProX connecting rod and crank bearings
  • ProX steel valve conversion (which were added because the stock Ti valves kept stretching)
  • ProX valve springs
  • ProX forged clutch basket, inner hub, and pressure plate
  • ProX clutch springs
  • ProX seals and gaskets throughout the motor
  • Wide ratio 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears from a WR250F
  • ProX chain and sprockets
  • YZF450 carburetor
  • Mototassinari airbox
  • K&N air filter
  • Custom wheels (17x3.5 front and 17x5 rear, both offset for clearance)
  • Michelin Supermoto tires (thanks to Steve’s Motorcycles)
  • CLAKE 2 dual control (clutch and hand-operated rear brake integration) with hydraulic clutch conversion
  • Front brake upgrade (Beringer caliper, Brembo master cylinder, braided steel line, BRAKING rotor)
  • ProX rear brake rotor
  • Oversized radiators
  • Upgraded cooling hoses
  • Yellow and black custom plastics with custom Hurricane graphics from Ringmaster Images
  • Stepper seat insert
  • Slide Industries F&R axle slider kit
  • DRC Supermoto pegs

This is easily the most impressive YZF250 supermoto conversion we have seen. The attention to detail and focus on best combined performance and reliability is very respectable. Steven would like to thank the family at Steve’s Motorcycles and Full-Bore Motorcycles in Midland, West Australia. These people played a big role in making his build possible.

ProX would like to give a big thank you for Steven for taking time to share his information and photos with us!


About ProX parts Steven chose for his build

ProX connecting rods are double-forged from Japanese steel, and are made by manufacturers that supply OEMS. They are shot-peened for additional strength, and provide strong reliability while maintaining affordability. Check out the full details ProX connecting rods here. ProX also supplies OEM quality bearings with their connecting rod kits, which are also made by OEM suppliers, so you know you’re getting the same long-lasting reliability.

ProX connecting rods are double forged from Japanese steel, shot-peened, and come with OEM quality bearings, all in one package.

ProX also recognizes that while stock Titanium valves provide great initial performance, they do not stand up to long-term demands of racing, and will need to be replaced sooner. ProX’s steel valves are a direct OEM fit, and are more durable than their Titanium counterparts, especially under stressful racing conditions.

ProX valves and valve springs are made by OE manufacturers for a precise fit, and are made to meet tolerances required for long-term reliability.

ProX valve springs and clutch springs retain the stiffness needed for a properly function valve train, and a desirable feel of the clutch lever pull.

ProX seals and gaskets are also made by OEM suppliers to ensure OEM quality sealing will stay consistent throughout operation of the motor.

ProX chains are offered in everything from standard to gold, in normal, o-ring, and x-ring configurations. ProX chains and sprockets are by made a premium alloy manufacturer, and the sprockets are Teflon coated for added wear resistance. Many race teams have tested and loved ProX chains and sprockets for their durability and precise quality.

ProX also offers upgraded brake rotors and pads. Brake rotors feature a Cooling Edge Cut (CEC) design for better braking response and cooling. ProX brake pads feature a sintered, long-life material, bringing good braking performance to an affordable price level. Read more about ProX braking products.

Get more tech info on the importance of braking parts here.

(Left) ProX chain and sprockets offer improved performance and wear over OEM. (Right) ProX brake components use a combination of a Cooling Edge Cut (CEC) rotor design and sintered pads for responsive and strong braking, while staying cool and wearing slowly.

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