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May 12, 2022 / by Kevin Bailey

The annual ladies-only campout at Hungry Valley SVRA in the hills of California did not disappoint! The ProX crew spent the weekend sharing moto maintenance knowledge, riding the track and trails, and enjoying the freedom and fun of dirt bikes with the ladies of Babes in the Dirt!

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ProX Babes in the Dirt

The ProX team held general maintenance seminars on both Friday and Saturday, showing hands-on examples of proper air filter cleaning and oiling, checking and adjusting chain slack, best chain cleaning and lube practices, and more!

ProX Babes in the Dirt Husqvarna

The ProX demonstration bike was one of our own crew's off-road race machine, a Husqvarna FX450.

ProX TT-R125

One of ProX's designers were out riding too, and you could see her coming with her loud, retro colored party graphics kit!

ProX and Rekluse Babes in the Dirt

The ProX team worked alongside the crew at Rekluse, who spent the weekend dropping clutch knowledge and fine tuning riders clutches.

ProX parts on display

If it wears out and can be replaced, ProX probably has it.

Ladies at the ProX maintenance seminar

Saturday's maintenance seminar students!

setting sag

Outside of seminar times, ProX was open for any and all tech help and set up questions. Here they are helping a rider set her sag.

checking out ProX products

Thank you to all the awesome riders that came by the ProX booth!

Babes in the Dirt nighttime party

Until next year!

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