Complete Lineup of Performance Replacement Parts for Sherco Motorcycles from ProX

March 25, 2020 / by Kevin Bailey

With a broad arsenal of model offerings and an army of top off-road racers around the world, Sherco has built a well-respected name for themselves. Participating in and winning competition in everything from enduro, to trials, to rally, Sherco has proven to be a worthy contender to other major motorcycle manufacturers.

As more and more Sherco motorcycles end up in garages and race shops in countries around the world, including the US, ProX has been working to build a decorated lineup of performance replacement part offerings for these machines. True to the ProX Racing Parts name, all ProX components for Sherco motorcycles are manufactured to OEM standards or better, and many of them are made by the same OE suppliers. This model continues to allow ProX to offer factory performance and reliability at an affordable price.

Below is an overview of the spectrum of ProX parts offered for a wide range of Sherco models. As always, you can search your model and find part numbers on the ProX site here.

2019 Sherco 300 SE Factory

Top End:

  • Pistons - 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke
  • Piston Components - Rings, Pin, Clips
  • Gaskets
ProX pistons for Shercos are either forged or hypereutectic cast, offering OE performance and improving strength and durability.

Bottom End Components:

  • Main Bearings
  • Big End & Small End Bearings
  • Thrust Washers
ProX's bottom end bearings are made by major OE suppliers for assured quality.

Valvetrain Components:

ProX valvetrain components make OEM reliability and affordability priorities.

Air & Fuel:

ProX air filters feature dual-stage filtering and a thick foam sealing surface.

Clutch Components:

  • Friction Plates
  • Steel Drive Plates
Enduro and off-road riding can be hard on clutches. ProX clutch components aim to restore OE performance without breaking the bank.

Wheel, Steering, & Pivot Bearings:

  • Front & Rear Wheel Bearings
  • Steering Bearings
  • Swingarm Bearings
Don't neglect your bearings! Properly functioning bearings can keep your bike feeling new.

Braking Components:

ProX brake pads are made from sintered material, offering high stopping performance and long life.

Final Drive Components:

ProX rear sprockets are available in 7075-T6 as well as Ultralight steel. ProX chains are available in standard and X-ring, in both standard and gold finishes!


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