ProX Honda CRF450X Rebuild: Engine Assembly

April 24, 2020 / by Kevin Bailey

We got our hands on a well-used CRF450X engine and brought it into the shop for a complete teardown and rebuild, top to bottom-end. We documented this engine rebuild every step of the way, explaining key tips and information you'll need to know during the critical steps. The result of this rebuild project is a 12-part video series covering countless dirt bike four-stroke engine rebuild pointers.

We began our complete engine rebuild with a four part video series of all the teardown and disassembly tips you need to know, which you can watch here

Now, we've cleaned up the engine's cases, cylinder, and head, and have begun reassembly with ProX components. Just like teardown, we'll be covering all they key points you should know when assembling this engine. Keep your eye on the ProX blog and FacebookInstagram, and YouTube channels for each video, and the assembly videos soon to come!

ProX CRF450X Rebuild Part 5:
Assembly, Bottom End Seals

Want to find engine parts for your rebuild? Search and find by application here!

ProX CRF450X Rebuild Part 6:
Transmission Assembly

ProX CRF450X Rebuild Part 7:
Crankshaft Installation and Case Assembly

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ProX CRF450X Rebuild Part 8:
PTO Side Assembly

ProX CRF450X Rebuild Part 9:
Clutch and Flywheel Installation

Check out more clutch repair tips here and find ProX clutch parts for your machine here!

ProX CRF450X Rebuild Part 10:
Piston Prep and Installation

Check out our complete 4-stroke top end rebuild guide here!

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ProX CRF450X Rebuild Part 11:
Valvetrain, Head Rebuild

Check out our complete guide to installing valves here, and our
guide to 4-stroke head rebuilds here!

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