ProX Racing Parts' Complete Yamaha YZ65 Parts Lineup

June 27, 2019 / by Kevin Bailey

ProX Racing Parts is excited to offer to a complete line of performance replacement parts for the 2018 - 2020 Yamaha YZ65. See all the details here.

ProX Racing Parts’ extensive list of products for a wide variety of applications never seems to stop growing. With all ProX parts being manufactured to the highest quality standards at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the world, including reputable OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers, the combination of OE quality and affordability of ProX parts is second to none.

ProX Racing Parts’ latest product line addition is for the new Yamaha YZ65. This new Yamaha mini two-stroke has left a lot of riders, racers, and parents impressed, and it is apparent with the consistently growing number of blue bikes lining up on 65 class gates. ProX is proud to offer a variety of OEM-quality products for the 2018-2020 Yamaha YZ65.

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NEW: ProX Racing Parts Latest Addition for the YZ65: Connecting Rods—Available Now!

A major part of ProX’s core product line, ProX connecting rods have earned a highly-recognized reputation in the powersports industry. These connecting rods are double forged from Japanese steel, an alloy known for its impressive strength and durability across many industries. OEM specifications and tolerances are meticulously maintained, a guarantee for easy installation and reliable performance.

ProX connecting rod kits are manufactured with double forged Japanese steel and include the big end bearing, pin, and thrust washers. Now available for the YZ65.

ProX Connecting Rod Features:

  • Manufactured by leading Japanese OEM-supplying manufacturers
  • Designed to exact OEM specifications to be a direct and cost-efficient OEM replacement
  • Double forged, barreled, and shot-peened for strength and material consistency
  • Connecting rod kits include big end bearing, pin, and thrust washers


Top End Gaskets

For 2019, ProX Racing Parts is also adding top end gasket kits and head and base gaskets to the YZ65 program. Top end gasket kits include every gasket and seal you need for a top end rebuild, all under one easy part number! Head and base gasket kits contain one head gasket and one base gasket. All ProX gaskets are made with OEM-quality materials, and each gasket is precision cut for optimal fit and seal.

YZ65 top end gaskets from ProX are available in complete sets or head and base only. (Representative image only)

The complete lineup in ProX Racing Parts’ 2018-2020 YZ65 program include:

Product Part Number Image
Pistons 01.2018.A/B/C 01.2114.A-1
Connecting Rod - NEW 03.2018 03.3122-1
Front Sprockets  07.FS20018-13/14/15 07.FS33013-12-1
Rear Sprockets - Aluminum 07.RA20018-46/47/48/49 07.RA62090-48-1
Clutch Plates - Complete Set, Fibers and Steels 16.CPS20018 16.CPS20018
Clutch Friction Plates 16.S20018 16.S20018
Steel Plate Set 16.S20019 16.S20019
Crankshaft Bearings 23.630014SH/23.83299SH 23.8ENK16-1
Front/Rear Brake Discs 37.BD22193/37.BD12018 37.BD22193
Front/Rear Brake Pads 37.104102/37.200802 37.104102
Crankshaft Bearing & Seal Kit 23.CBS20018 23.CBS11085
Crank Seal Set 42.2018 42.2018
Air Filter 52.20018 52.20018-1
Steering Bearings 24.110022 24.110022
Swingarm Bearing Kit 26.210061 26.210025-1
Suspension Seal & Wiper Kit 40.S36488P 40.S36488P
Main Jets 45100-225 45.128-1
Pilot Jets 46.040-085 46.060-1
Clutch Basket 17.2196F 17.2196F-2
Spring Kit 17.CS21029 17.CS12002
Upper Chain Roller 33.009 33.0009-2
Chain 07.RC420130C 07.RC420130C-1
Top End Gasket Kit 35.2018 ProX Gaskets
Head & Base Gasket Kit 36.2018  
Ignition Cover Gasket 19.G92102 19.G92102-1

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