ProX Honda CRF450X Rebuild: Teardown

January 31, 2020 / by Kevin Bailey

We got our hands on a well-used CRF450X engine and brought it into the shop for a complete teardown and rebuild, top to bottom-end. We documented this engine rebuild every step of the way, stopping to explain key tips and information you'll probably want to know during the critical steps. The result of this rebuild project is a 12-part video series covering countless dirt bike four-stroke engine rebuild pointers. 

An engine rebuild is a sensitive task, and the teardown requires as much care as the assembly. This portion highlights the teardown, including four how-to videos, each covering important steps of the teardown process. Keep your eye on the ProX blog and Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for each video, and the assembly videos soon to come!

ProX CRF450X Rebuild: Teardown Part 1, Top End

Part one of the CRF450X engine teardown covers key tips in regards to head and valvetrain disassembly, including removing the camshaft and cam (timing) chain.

ProX CRF450X Rebuild: Teardown Part 2,

Flywheel Removal

The second installment of the CRF450X rebuild covers the flywheel removal portion of the teardown. Proper tools and careful handling is crucial here to prevent damage to components you might be reusing.

ProX CRF450X Rebuild: Teardown Part 3,

Clutch and PTO Side

Moving to the clutch side to continue disassembly, we cover key tips on removing clutch components as well as the PTO gear, idler gear, and similar components.

ProX CRF450X Rebuild: Teardown Part 4,

Splitting the Cases

In the final episode of our CRF450X teardown, we finish up disassembly by splitting the cases and removing the remaining components, such as the crankshaft and transmission. Follow along and don't miss our key tips along the way!

Stay tuned for the assembly portion of this rebuild series coming soon! 

Need more rebuild and maintenance tips? Check out everything HERE, and find ProX parts for your machine HERE!

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